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June 10, 2022
I have always loved Made in India. Since the first location from many years back to the new location, ive eating many different dishes from the menu and it is aways really good. Staff is kind and I would highly recommend eating in at the second location, nice atmosphere.

June 08, 2022
Delicious as always!

May 29, 2022
Food was ready, hot and great as usual.

May 26, 2022
Purchased multiple times and average was always about 6/7. Last night was a 0/1. The butter chicken was as described by my kids “chicken in watered down ketchup”. It was horrible. The prawn corma also the consistency of watered down soup, and it was shrimp not prawns. They were the size of a dime. The fish pakora was “fishy”. Good fish should not reek like smelly fish. Just totally different from all other times purchased. In the garbage it all went. Only posting rating as I was sent an email asking about food form made in India.

May 19, 2022
Wonderful Food

April 27, 2022
Always delicious! I need to know how to make it!

April 21, 2022
Fantastic food made fresh and quick service.

April 08, 2022
The food and service is always amazing!

April 08, 2022
Great food, great price, great service!

April 02, 2022
Great food, good service and accuracy of the order. Thank you